Mr.Anuj Gupta
Anuj is the Managing Director for TAG Investments. He has over 9 years of rich experience in the financial services industry. An Electronics & Communications Engineer by education, he has undergone several Financial Management Courses and has a deep understanding on portfolio management.
Ms.Anushi Gupta
Anushi is the Chief Financial Officer for TAG Investments. She has over 6 years of rich experience in the Finance & Accounts Industry. She is a Chartered Accountant by education, and keeps herself updated with the new tax laws as applicable. She heads the company’s taxation vertical.
Ms.Seema Agarwal
Seema is the Chief Insurance Advisor for TAG Investments. She has over 12 years of diversified experience in banking, financial and insurance industry. An MCA by education, she has undergone various insurance related certifications and she heads the company’s insurance vertical.